Alumni Stories

Yanmao Man — M.S., 2017

Yanmao earned his CS Master’s degree from UNCG in Summer 2017. After graduation he attended the University of Arizona for doctoral education….

Pavan Teja Reddy Duggempudi — M.S., 2018

Pavan earned his Master’s degree majoring in Computer Science from UNCG in Spring 2018. Currently he is working as a DevOps Engineer…

Austin Spears

Austin Spears — B.S., 2012

Austin received a B.S. in computer science from our department in 2012, receiving the “Outstanding Undergraduate Student” award at graduation. Since graduation…

Keir Davis

Keir Davis — M.S., 2000

Keir received an M.S. in computer science from our department in 2000 and is a member of Upsilon Pi Epsilon Honor Society….