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Summer 2022 Classes

We will be offering CSC 261 in Summer I and CSC 250 in Summer II of 2022. Please consider these classes if…

Two Assistant Professor Positions Available

We are hiring! The Computer Science department at UNC Greensboro is looking for applicants to fill our two Assistant Professor positions to…

Kopper and Grandi receive grant from National Institute of Standards and Technology to integrate Virtual Reality training within the Hillsborough, NC Police Department

Assistant Professor Regis Kopper and Visiting Assistant Professor Jeronimo Grandi received a grant from the Public Safety Communications Research (PCSR) division at…

Kopper member of multi-institutional team awarded grant from National Archives to virtually bring to life destroyed African American neighborhoods

Augmented Reality Landscapes: African American Urbanism Assistant Professor Regis Kopper received a grant from the National Archives to work  collaboratively with Johnson…

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Pavan Teja Reddy Duggempudi — M.S., 2018

Pavan earned his Master’s degree majoring in Computer Science from UNCG in Spring 2018. Currently he is working as a DevOps Engineer…

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Computer Science is Changing Everything

Check out this video from the great people at talking about how Computer Science is touching and revolutionizing almost every aspect of human…

Why Study Computer Science?

Over the past 30 years, computing has dramatically changed almost every aspect of life. Data is collected and processed at a scale no one would have been able to imagine 50 years ago, and information is available everywhere thanks to a combination of servers, the Internet, and mobile technologies. Entertainment is totally different than in the past, with games, computer generated special effects, and content delivery fundamentally changing how people spend free time. We’re starting to see artificial intelligence become mainstream, with personal digital assistants, self-driving cars, and more. All of these changes are possible because of advancing technology and software – in short, because of computer science – and you can be one of the people that helps shape the world of the future. Thinking about what you will do after graduation? Jobs in computing are consistently ranked among the most desirable and rewarding careers. Read more about career prospects by following the link.

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