Master of Science

M.S. Program

The Master of Science is designed to build computer science depth and research competence, to prepare students for advanced careers in computing fields. Students completing the M.S. degree are also well-prepared for doctoral study in computer science.

Information on various aspects of our M.S. program is available through the links to the left.

Minimum Entry Requirements:

  • Object-oriented programming, data structures, and algorithms (CSC 130, 230, 330)
  • Computer organization (CSC 261)
  • Foundations of Computer Science (CSC 250, 350)

Please see the Course Bulletin for a brief description of these courses.

Entry requirements may be met through course work, evidence of use of the required skills and knowledge on the job, or examination.

Faculty Research Areas:

Current computer science faculty have active research programs in bioinformatics, data science, database and knowledge-base systems, human-computer interaction, image processing, wireless networks, computational complexity theory, theory of computation, natural language processing, algorithms, computer and network security, and cryptography.

For a full listing of Research in the Department of Computer Science visit the Research Page.

Attendance Policy:

Regular class attendance is the student’s responsibility and privilege of University education. Students should plan their travel to ensure they do not miss the first day of classes and scheduled lectures. If you are an international student who is planning to enter into the United States after the regular semester starts, you may want to contact the International Programs Center to discuss travel authorization prior to your arrival at your port of entry. As a department policy, we will not issue any notification granting permission to students to miss classes.

Additional Information:

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