For Students

Academic Advising

All computer science students, both undergraduate and graduate majors, have an advisor who is available to assist them in issues related to academic planning, course selection, and identifying areas of interest within computer science or possible career/professional options.

How To Find Your Advisor

You can find your advisor by checking UNCGenie: Enter the “Secure Area”, go to “Student and Financial Aid”, then “Registration” and “Advisor”.

Registering for Classes

One of the most important times you’ll interact with your advisor is when choosing courses to register for. The university has a designated advising period for this — see the appropriate registration calendar from the University Registrar to find out when this is (typically October to register for Spring and March to register for Fall). Here are the steps to follow during this advising time:

  1. Generate a new degree evaluation, print it out, and read through it to understand what academic requirements you still need to meet.
  2. Based on the needs identified in your degree evaluation and your interests, select a set of classes you’d like to take.
  3. Download a copy of the Computer Science Advising Record, and fill it in with the courses you have identified — if you are taking classes to satisfy specific requirements, make sure you note that on this form.
  4. Contact your advisor and set up an advising appointment. An appointment is important! Don’t just stop by and assume they have time for an advising session.
  5. Go to your appointment, taking your printed degree evaluation and your filled-in advising form — discuss your course selections and any questions you might have with your advisor. If your plan is acceptable, your advisor will give you an advising code that you can use to register for classes.

Make sure you keep a copy of your advising code — you’ll need it for course registration and schedule changes.

Who is my academic advisor?

Advising within the department of Computer Science works as follows:

  1. If you are a student with 24 credit hours or less, you will be assigned to the College of Arts and Sciences Advising (CASA) for advising.
  2. If you are a new transfer, new second degree, or newly returning student with 25 credit hours or more, you will initially be assigned to the Advising Coordinator or Director of Undergraduate Studies. The Advising Coordinator will be responsible for advising you during your first semester to ensure your current credits are applied correctly and you take the appropriate course that put you on track toward completion of the major.
  3. Once you have made sufficient progress within the department and are on track toward the major, you may be reassigned to a different advisor who can assist you with staying on track, selecting appropriate electives depending upon your interests, and identifying resources for exploring opportunities beyond academics.
  4. Periodically, a faculty member’s duties may require temporary reassignment of students to another advisor within the department.