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Professor Suthaharan Receives an International Research Grant

Professor Suthaharan receives an international research grant from Le Fondation Voir et Entendre – Institut de la Vision (France) for a project “Next Generation Optogenetics for Vision Restoration.” It is a collaborative project between the Fondation Voir et Entendre, the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, and UNC Greensboro. The main goal of this research is to detect and characterize the latent cell features (cell nuclei) of the retina, using the multi-offset adaptive optics scanning light ophthalmoscopy (AOSLO) images for improving our understanding of their connections to the retinal physiological and pathological signatures.

Professor Suthaharan, with his expertise in high-dimensional computational techniques in infinite feature space, will study smart machine learning models and algorithms — including the perceptually-inspired deep learning approach that he recently developed — for optimizing the integration of information across different multi-offset configurations (big data) generated through AOSLO to enhance the contrast of weakly scattering cell structures. This cutting edge research will enable the detection and extraction of latent features and sub classes within each cellular class, and help construct a set of unique clusters of ultrastructural features (cell nuclei) for better understanding of retinal signatures.

Congratulations to Professor Shan Suthaharan!