Research Labs

Database Lab

Faculty: Fu, Sadri

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Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Artificial Intelligence Lab

Faculty: Green

The HCI/AI lab hosts basic research in interaction design and artificial intelligence with applications to AI in healthcare and AI in education.

REU/Algorithmic Combinatorics Lab

Faculty: Blanchet-Sadri

The REU/Algorithmic Combinatorics Lab hosts NSF funded research projects related to partial words, or sequences that may contain some “do not know” symbols. This research has the potential for impacts in numerous areas, notably in molecular biology and DNA computing.

SPAN Lab: Security, Privacy, and Networking

Faculty: Deng, Suthaharan, Tate

The SPAN Lab hosts a variety of research projects that deal with networking and communication, including issues of security and privacy. Current and recent projects have dealt with issues in sensor networks, trusted computing, cryptography, and network quality of service.