Research Labs

Data Analytics, Databases, and Data Mining (D³) Lab

Faculty: Fu, Kim, Mohanty, and Sadri
Location: 205 Petty Bldg.

The D³ lab performs the latest research and teaching in Data Analytics, Databases, and Data Mining technologies. The lab aims at gaining insights from real-world datasets using big data, machine learning, and deep learning methods.  Various projects have been conducted within the lab including:  Map/Reduce technique experiments, research on social networks, and exploring the domains of Cyber-security, Healthcare, and Social Media to develop novel approaches towards analyzing complex data.

Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Artificial Intelligence Lab

Faculty: Green
Location: 202 Petty Bldg.

The HCI/AI lab hosts basic research in interaction design and artificial intelligence with applications to AI in healthcare and AI in education.

Interactive Realities (IR) Lab

Faculty: Kopper
Location: 212 Petty Bldg.

The Interactive Realities (IR) Lab hosts research on extended reality (XR). Recent projects include immersive multimodal displays and virtual reality prototyping of next generation public safety user interfaces.

Network Information Lab (NIL)

Faculty: Deng
Location: 211 Curry Bldg.

The Network Information Lab hosts research projects related to wireless networks, vehicular networks, networked information, and information assurance. Recent projects include random access networks and social media sentiment analysis.

Security, Privacy, and Networking (SPAN) Lab

Faculty: Suthaharan and Tate
Location: 214 Petty Bldg.

The SPAN Lab hosts a variety of research projects that deal with networking and communication, including issues of security and privacy. Current and recent projects have dealt with issues in sensor networks, trusted computing, cryptography, and network quality of service.