Master of Science

Data Science and Big Data Concentration

Students in the M.S. in Computer Science program may opt to declare a concentration in “Data Science and Big Data.” For most students, this concentration can be obtained with careful selection of appropriate elective courses, not requiring any additional courses beyond the regular MS requirements. The concentration will be an official degree designation that is shown on a student’s transcript, indicating that the student has studied key courses in this in-demand field.

The Data Science and Big Data concentration is designed to provide students key knowledge of appropriate theories, algorithms, and technologies, towards development of analytical systems/models for disparate, complex, and small/large scale datasets. Students completing this concentration will have learned skills necessary to tackle a wide variety of data-focused scientific, social, and environmental challenges.


Students in the Data Science and Big Data Concentration must complete all requirements of the M.S. degree, and must complete the following courses (which may also apply to the MS degree requirements, as appropriate):

Core Courses (Take All – 12 credits):

  1. CSC 605 – Data Science
  2. CSC 610 – Big Data and Machine Learning
  3. CSC 654 – Algorithm Analysis and Design
  4. CSC 671 – Advanced Database Systems

Elective Courses (Take One – 3 credits):

  • CSC 625 Bioinformatics
  • CSC 629 Artificial Intelligence
  • STA 573 Theory of Linear Regression
  • STA 682 Theory of Time Series
  • STA 661 Advanced Statistics in the Behavioral and Biological Sciences I