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Mohanty Receives NSF Funding for New Zealand-U.S. Coastal Research

Assistant Professor Somya Mohanty is the co-PI of a recent research award funded by National Science Foundation (PI, Prof. Evan Goldstein of Geography, Environment, and Sustainability). The project is titled “IRES Track II: The Coastal Processes & Machine Learning Advanced Studies Institute” and is centered at a proposed Advanced Studies Institute (ASI), which capitalizes on New Zealand’s unique strength in open coastal data and machine learning expertise of researchers from the University of Auckland and the University of Waikato (both in New Zealand) and the U.S. The short courses to be offered by ASI will advance students professional network, expose students to unique cultural experiences in New Zealand, and further strengthen the NZ-US bond in coastal research, specifically coastal machine learning work.

Congratulations to the exciting start of the transcontinental multidisciplinary project, Prof. Mohanty!