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Computer Science Students Won Top-3 Prizes in Green Fund Hackathon

During the last week of Fall 2020 classes, teams across UNCG campus participated in a Green Fund Hackathon hosted by the Department of Computer Science and Department of Economics. The purpose of this Hack-a-thon is to develop an interactive dashboard to summarize high-frequency energy consumption data in 81 electricity meters on UNCG’s campus. These meters represent power utilization of various buildings across UNCG and will help the university understand the requirements and usage of energy consumption and efficiency across the campus.

Three Computer Science teams won the prizes adjudicated by a panel consisting of personnel from UNCG Green Fund, Facilities and Operations, and Faculty/Organizers. The teams which won are as follows.

  1. Team Void Main (Graduate Students) – Shravya Muttineni, Ritu Pandey Joshi – $1,000.
  2. Team Runtime Terror (Undergraduate Students) – Kyle Supple, Andrew Kawabata, Katelynn Urgitus, Christopher Brantley – $600.
  3. Team Datacrackers (Graduate Students) – Himaja Avula, Amulya Yadagani, Nikitha Narsing, Sadhana Thummalapenta, Rashmi Hassan Udaya Kumar – $400. 

A very hearty congratulations to the students and their work!