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Classes for Spring 2019

Continuing students will begin signing up for Spring classes on October 22, and this Spring we are offering two new special topics courses and one course (image processing) that has not offered for many years. Descriptions of these courses are below, and they are open to undergraduates taking upper-level electives as well as all master’s students.

CSC 495-01/CSC 676-01 – Topic: Data Mining
Instructor: Dr. Manda

Large databases have become the norm across domains such as science, finance, and business. These databases are often explored using data mining techniques to provide actionable business insights and generate hypotheses. This course will introduce students to a variety of data mining algorithms and applications to examine the description, classification, prediction, pattern mining, and clustering of data. Concepts used for the retrieval and extraction of interesting and useful information or patterns, stored in large databases will be discussed. The course will highlight the application of data mining algorithms in a variety of domains including but not limited to bioinformatics, fraud detection, and marketing.
Prerequisite: CSC 471 or CSC 671 or permission of instructor.

CSC 495-02/CSC 680-01 – Topic: Modern Cryptography
Instructor: Dr. Tate

Theory and practice of cryptography, emphasizing formal models and security reasoning. Primitives covered include private and public-key encryption, message authentication codes, hash functions, digital signatures, secret sharing, and zero-knowledge proofs.
Prerequisite: CSC 581, or permission of instructor.

CSC 522: Digital Image Processing
Instructor: Dr. Kim

Image representation, enhancement, interpolation, segmentation, registration, reconstruction, and machine learning for images.
Prerequisite: CSC 330, CSC 350, and MAT 292, or permission of instructor.