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Topics Class for Spring 2021 and Summer’21 Classes

In the Spring 2021 semester, Prof. Kopper will be offering a special topics class on Virtual Reality Systems Design and Research, open to both undergraduates (as CSC 495) and graduate students (as CSC 693). The course description, times, and prerequisites are listed below.
CSC 495-02/693-02 Virtual Reality Systems Design and Research
Prof. Regis Kopper
Class: Mon./Wed. 3:30-4:45
This course will give an overview of virtual reality (VR) devices,applications, methods and techniques with a focus on the design and evaluation of immersive user experiences. The course will have theoretical and practical components where fundamental topics will be taught and research papers will be presented by students and discussed in class. Students will complete a semester-long project involving the design and evaluation of a VR application that proposes to solve a practical problem. The student should have knowledge of computer programming, preferably with some experience with Unity3D or Unreal Engine.
Official prerequisite: Permission of instructor

The Department of Computer Science will also offer two courses in Summer’21:

CSC 120 Introduction to Computer Programming for Non-Majors
Ms. Christine Kikuchi

CSC 261 Computer Organization and Assembly Language
Mr. Chandana Ariyawansa