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Topic Class for Spring 2023

CSC 495-01/693-01 Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning
Prof. Yingcheng Sun
Class: Tues/Thurs 3:30-4:45

Natural language processing (NLP) or computational linguistics is one of
the most important technologies of the information age. Applications of
NLP are everywhere because people communicate almost everything in
language: web search, advertising, emails, customer service, language
translation, virtual agents, medical reports, politics, etc. In the last decade,
deep learning (or neural network) approaches have obtained very high
performance across many different NLP tasks, using single end-to-end
neural models that do not require traditional, task-specific feature
engineering. In this course, students will gain a thorough introduction to
cutting-edge research in Deep Learning for NLP. Through lectures,
assignments and a final project, students will learn the necessary skills to
design, implement, and understand their own neural network models, using
the Pytorch/TensorFlow framework.
Official prerequisite: Permission of instructor
Recommended prerequisite: CSC 410/610 & programming
experience with Python is strongly recommended.