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Registration/Classes for Spring 2017

Registration for Spring 2017 opens on Monday, October 31, and the pre-registration period continues until November 22. A few classes of note: Prof. Manda will be offering CSC 526, Bioinformatics, which is a course in her area of expertise and is a course that we have not been able to offer for the past several years. Prof. Mohanty will be offering a special topics class on network security, which is available to undergraduates as CSC 495 and graduate students as CSC 663 – for a description and information on prerequisites, see the special topics descriptions. Finally, the prerequisites for CSC 580 (Cryptography and Security in Computing) are being simplified to just require CSC 330 and CSC 350. For information beyond the posted description, or for permission to register in courses that require instructor permission, please contact the course instructor.