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Prof. Suthaharan to Present at Professional Group

Prof. Suthaharan will be talking about Big Data classification techniques and technologies at the Triad Developer’s Guild meeting on February 19. Big Data classification is one of the challenging problems in the emerging field of Big Data Science and Engineering. Technologies such as Apache Hadoop with Apache Hive are currently used for addressing such problems; however, techniques that can be integrated with these technologies are still needed, leading to extensive research and development objectives. Machine Learning (ML) techniques are being revisited to explore and develop data representation learning techniques for solving Big Data classification problems. In his talk, Prof. Suthaharan will discuss characteristics of Big Data and show that network intrusion traffic satisfies the properties of Big Data. He will also discuss some of the modern ML techniques that can help to solve Big Data classification problems. Finally, he will present some resources that are in the public domain which may help people advance their knowledge in Big Data Science and Engineering. For more information, see the Triad Developer’s Guild web site.