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New Security Courses

The computer security classes at UNCG are being restructured, effective Fall 2018. Replacing CSC 580 and the occasional topics classes will be a set of three courses. The first course to be introduced is a new “Principles of Computer Security” course (CSC 581), which will focus on general security concepts and the basics of several fundamental security areas, including system security, network security, cryptography, and software security. This course will be offered every Fall semester, and will lay the foundation for two more advanced Spring courses, one in cryptography and one in network security. The goals of this reorganization are to more clearly organize security topics, to offer a course with fundamental security principles that is more accessible, and to enable subsequent security courses to reach more advanced topics than is currently possible.

The “Principles” class will offer an applied approach to learning about security models and theory, and will include many hands-on, practical exercises. The catalog description and prerequisites for the course are given below:

CSC 581 Principles of Computer Security
Prerequisite: Grades of C or better in CSC 261 and CSC 330, or permission of instructor.

Core concepts in computer security, including the security goals of confidentiality, integrity, and availability; authentication; access control; secure software development; use of cryptography; and basic network security.

The advanced courses in cryptography and network security will be offered starting in Spring 2019, and course information will be provided before the pre-registration period for that semester.