Master of Science

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the qualifications for graduate school in computer science?

A. The qualifications can be found on the Graduate School Admissions Overview Page. Minimum requirements for the M.S. in Computer Science are discussed in the computer science page. If you have any questions about your background in computer science, we would be glad to discuss this with you; please contact the department for advice (address/phone below). Also see the Graduate School’s FAQ.

Q. How do I apply to graduate school at UNCG?

A. Applications for graduate school are done online – complete information is available in the “Guide to Admissions” that is available on the Graduate School’s information for prospective students.

Q. What is the tuition?

A. Tuition and fee rates are set by the UNC Board of Governors and depend on residence status. Costs for out-of-state students are significantly higher for than for residents of North Carolina. Complete information about in-state tuition status, and tuition and fees is given on the Graduate School’s web page.

Q. Who can help me determine if courses or job experiences satisfy some of the minimum entry requirements for the master of science in computer science program?

A. Please contact the department for advice (address/phone below).

Q. The M.S. program in computer science has several undergraduate computer science courses listed as minimal entry requirements. May one satisfy these requirements by taking courses at NC A&T or elsewhere?

A: Yes, but be sure that the course you take corresponds to the required course in our list of minimun entry requirements (if in doubt, check with the Director of Graduate Studies in the Computer Science Department). For NC A&T here is the table of equivalences for the undergraduate prerequisites for our M.S. program.

MAT 253, 353 (or CSC 250, 350) MATH 123, 223
CSC 130, 230, 330 COMP 165, 280, 285
CSC 261 COMP 370

Q. What if English is not my first language?

A. To be considered for direct admission, non-native speakers of English must validate proficiency in the English language by Minimum English Language Proficiency Scores, i.e., one of the following: TOEFL 79 (IBT), IELTS 6.5 Band Score, PTE Academic 67, ELS 112. This page has more information. Nonresidential aliens must also provide a certification of financial support for a minimum of one year.

Q. If a student needs to improve English skills, is it possible to come to UNCG and study with the Pathways or the INTERLINK program before beginning graduate study?

A. Yes, this is possible. Usually students complete their English study in their home country before applying for admission. It is also possible, however, for students to be admitted to one of our master’s programs with the conditions among others that they improve their English skills by study with Pathways or INTERLINK (depending on the score of your language exam, for anywhere from nine weeks to one year), and passing the language exam.

Conditions might also include taking undergraduate courses in Computer Science or Mathematics that might be required by the Department for admission into our master’s program. Students in INTERLINK’s level five may take one or two UNCG Computer Science classes at the same time they are completing English study. Either or both of these classes might fulfill any departmental prerequisite requirements, and may be taken in the final semester at INTERLINK. Normally, the Department allows students to begin master’s study in the next possible semester following their achievement of all the conditions for admission. If Computer Science courses, which students must take as part of the conditions for full admission, have not been completed when the student completes INTERLINK, there would be more like a two-stage process. Since the Department has little financial support to offer foreign students, such students must be supported by their own (or government or family) resources.

Q. Are there special deadlines for international students?

A. Yes, May 15 (Fall) and September 15 (Spring). These should not be confused with the official application deadlines found here. For more discussion see an informal discussion from our point of view.

Q. When should foreign applicants submit financial support documents?

A. The financial support documents are needed only for issuance of the immigration form I-20 (application for F1 student status); so it is not absolutely necessary to send the financial support documents with the application. However, be aware that it can save time when the financial documents are in hand at the time of the admission decision. When the International Student & Scholar Services section of The UNCG Office of International Programs has the financial forms in advance, they can issue the I-20 immediately upon confirmation of admission. If they do not have the financial documents in hand, they cannot issue the I-20 until the student provides the necessary evidence of financial support.

Q. What if I need to take a course before applying?

A. UNCG has Visions (an acronym for “Visiting Students and Non-degree Seeking students”) registration for adults who already have a college degree, and want to take undergraduate or graduate courses before applying to graduate school (or without pursuing a degree). Such a student may register as a Graduate Special Student (also called Post-baccalaureate Unclassified Student). Advice on what courses should be taken in preparation for degree programs is available in the Department of Computer Science. The Visions registration form and instructions can be found here. Complete the form, and mail it directly to the Graduate School Office along with the enrollment fee. For more information on registration restrictions and costs, please see the Graduate School’s Visions web page.

Visions students may apply for admission to one of our graduate programs, and in most cases may transfer up to nine credit hours of graduate level Visions courses into a graduate program. The Graduate School regulation covering this transfer of credits states a student must clearly have qualified for admission at the time the credit was earned, and obtain the written recommendation of the major department and the approval of the Dean of The Graduate School. Also keep in mind that Visions credit transferred into a degree program is limited by the standard time-limit of 5 years for completing the degree.

Visions students cannot preregister; so there is the possibility that some of the popular undergraduate and beginning graduate courses will be full at the time of registration. If this happens, you need permission of the course instructor to enroll in the class. Contact the department or e-mail the instructor to set up an appointment. All applicants should note that the Visions program is not a degree program, and foreign applicants should note that the Visions program does not meet the requirements for being in the USA on an F-1 visa.

Q. Do I need to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE)?

A. Yes. The GRE score is used along with other application materials to determine admission to the programs. The Computer Science master’s program requires only the general portion of the GRE and the minimum requirement is 150 in GRE Quantitative. For more information about the GRE see and The GRE is offered at Prometric Testing (previoulsy called Sylvan Center) 3 Centerview Drive, Suite 248, Greensboro, NC 27407 (336-854-4230) and elsewhere. Prometric Testing is not affiliated with UNCG — check with them for current fees and procedures.

Q. What kind of visa does an international student need?

A. Usually F-1 or J-1. See our brief summary of visa information.

Q. How do I contact various offices at UNCG?

A. Addresses, telephone numbers and internet addresses for several offices are listed below:

University Registrar’s Office 
180 Mossman Building, UNCG
P. O. Box 26179
Greensboro, NC 27402-6170
Adult Continuing and Evening Students (ACES)
104 Elliot University Center, UNCG
P. O. Box 26170
Greensboro, NC 27402-6170
Department of Computer Science 
167 Petty Building, UNCG
P. O. Box 26170
Greensboro, NC 27402-6170
The Graduate School, UNCG 
241 Mossman Building
Greensboro, NC 27412