Sami Khuri

Visiting Professor, 2019
Ph.D. in Computer Science, Syracuse University (1987)

Office: Petty 156

Research: Bioinformatics, Coding and Information Theory, Genetic Algorithms, Probabilistic Algorithms, Computer Science Education
Teaching: Theory of Computation

Research Overview

Dr. Khuri’s main research interest lies in the detection of patterns in biological sequences. More specifically, he uses probabilistic algorithms, such as Hidden Markov Models, and Artificial Neural Networks to predict motifs in DNA, RNA, and protein sequences whose mutations lead to diseases. Dr. Khuri published on the theory and applications of genetic algorithms for solving combinatorial optimization problems. He co-authored over 90 journal and refereed conference research articles. Dr. Khuri is also interested in research on computer science education. He has been successful in engaging undergraduate and graduate students in his research.


Dr. Khuri has a BS in Mathematics from the American University of Beirut, an MS in Math and a second MS in Computer Science, and a PhD in Computer Science, all 3 degrees from Syracuse University, NY. Prior to joining UNCG, Dr. Khuri was a professor of Computer Science at San Jose State University where he pioneered initiatives to broaden non-CS majors’ participation in Computer Science, increase the capacity of STEM workforce and provide pathways for Computer Science students to receive training in emergent and interdisciplinary fields. Among these initiatives are interdisciplinary Minor and Masters programs in Bioinformatics. Dr. Khuri’s main teaching interests are theoretical computer science, design and analysis of algorithms, and bioinformatics. He co-chairs and co-organizes several international and national Computer Science and Bioinformatics conferences. He has served on the Advisory Boards of several graduate and professional programs. Dr. Khuri served on the PhD committee of three students, supervised research projects of over 75 MS students and over 40 undergraduate students from CS, Biology and Engineering.

Dr. Khuri is a recipient of several national and international awards, such as an NIH award, Dana Research award, Fulbright award, California State University awards, the Technology Pathway Initiative award, and German Academic Exchange awards.